E-commerce is not just an important piece of business. It has become the most vital aspect of sales for just about every business; large, small, and everything in between. From companies mass-producing and shipping millions of pieces of inventory, to the mom & pop shops hand crafting wooden toys for a small but loyal clientele, e-commerce is the undisputed king of sustained growth across the whole spectrum of product offerings. 

At eHitz, our one and only goal is to help our clients focus on the business of making products for their customers. This means streamlining and simplifying sales.  The less you have to think about us, the better. The more you can focus on improving your products and increasing your margins, the more we will know we have done our job. 

We believe this is accomplished through dependable and repeatable purchasing, establishing a relationship of trust, and a dedication to availability and access for anything our clients may need.

eHitz is ready to grow our business by helping you grow yours.  Let's get started.


eHitz is headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina, just outside Charlotte, North Carolina.  We are committed to employing  the "virtual model." This means we believe in keeping costs low and flexibility high by working through a series of partnerships to purchase, package, ship, and sell your product without the cumbersome costs associated with brick & mortar locations and oversized warehouses.

Every aspect of our process, from purchase to sale, involves experienced, competent, licensed & insured partners to ensure that we get your product into the hands of customers quickly, efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible to us. For our clients, this commitment translates into getting more of their product moved faster and with greater success.  Our revenue is your revenue. Let's build together.